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Ah, it’s official you’ve entered Frankie’s friend-zone!

This means you’re entitled to lots of lovely perks like these exclusive offers and deals on our West End serviced apartments.

Check Out Our Offers!

Frankie Says

Stay five or more nights at any Frankie Says’ apartments and get 5% off your booking using this code


Stay 5+ Nights for 5% Off

Frankie Says

Long Term Rewards

Book a long-term stay of 30+ nights at any of Frankie Says’ apartments and get 10% off of your booking using this code


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The Sassy


From £300 per night

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The Instagood Penthouse

Covent Garden

From £950 per night

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Flirty Chambers


From £350 per night

Get The Best

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We know it’s good to shop around for a bargain – like checking out the ‘whoopsie aisle’ in the supermarket – but when it comes to booking our serviced apartments, you’ll save the biggest chunk of change by booking direct through this website:

And when you book with us, you get all kinds of fantastic free stuff too, from all-you-can-tweet free wi-fi, to welcome goodies.

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We Love a Sleepover ;

Keep an eye on this website and follow us @frankiesaysstay for competitions offering the chance to stay with us for free in the heart of London.