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Frankie’s Rent Guarantee

Rent Guarantee

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Frankie’s Rent Guarantee

Join Frankie’s revolution and elevate your property investment value

Experience the same undeniable benefits that Frankie Says has offered to hundreds of other property owners over the past decade. Our Guarantee rent feature and extra benefits will elevate your property investment value.

Frankie’s Rent Guarantee
Frankie’s Rent Guarantee

What is it?

Frankie will rent a property from you (the owner) and then sublet it to short – and medium – term tenants for a profit. In this arrangement, Frankie Says becomes not only vour tenant, but vour agents, consultant, property management and all-round property guru.

Here’s how it typically works:

  • Frankie Says identifies a suitable property or will advise you how to make your property suitable for us.
  • Frankie will offer a generous rental agreement to the property owner. This agreement gives Frankie the right to sublet the property to multiple tenants.
  • Frankie will then use its years of expertise and will market the property accordingly.
  • Frankie will handle all aspects of managing the property, including finding and vetting guests, collecting rent, and maintaining the property.
Frankie’s Rent Guarantee
Frankie’s Rent Guarantee
  • Earn an average of 30% above conventional rents.
  • Long Term tenancies typically between 3 and 15 years long depending on the property use.
  • Full or partial repairing leases taking away the stress of property or block management.
  • Complimentary Premium property management including but not limited to regular inspections, maintaining the property, instructing contractors
  • Compliance included free of charge from the second year onwards i.e., Gas safety, electric checks
  • Properties are fully maintained and cleaned regularly
  • No voids periods between tenancies as Frankie will be taking a longer lease
  • No yearly agency or letting fees
Frankie’s Rent Guarantee

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Are you tired of unpredictable rental income? Are you seeking a hassle-free way to boost your investment returns effortlessly? Look no further! Introducing our game-changing brochure, “Frankie’s Rent Guarantee”